What is Vagrant?
In some of GNU/Linux distributions, Windows and Mac based OS we can have easily and reusable environments(instances) with Vagrant.
Vagrant is a machine virtuoso with virtualization tech.
For using Vagrant you need to have virtualization provider such ah VirtualBox, VMWare… And Vagrant is using Vagrantfile for creating the architecture…

Hello i am Erdenay Ateş,
In these times we are always hearing about containers, container orchestration, pods, competition of microservices vs monolithic. Today’s topic about containers and container orchestration units.

Relation Between Applications and Hardware
Actually container is a solution of some problems, this is the reason of the container’s birth…

We use arrays for including same types of variables and if you want to define an array of numbers( such as shopping list) and we do that in Go like that:

array := [4]string{“shirt”, “shoes”, “watch”, “jacket”}

package arrays

import “fmt”

func Demo1() {

array := [4]string{“shirt”, “shoes”, “watch”, “jacket”}

DevOps with Erdenay

curious about cloud & automation

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